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So what are the highlights of this flower category?

Well first of all we've designed a small range of flowers to suit the budget conscious shopper all the while realising that flowers can be expensive and sometimes a luxury.

The range of flowers on display year covers prices from $28 to $49 and covers flowers such as bright season of flowers, deleted, carnations and what about most popular or fan favourite which is our designers choice bunch of flowers.

What occasions may these flowers suit?

The flowers here especially popular for one off birthday gifts for someone you care about, and they are also very common as gifts for friends you may be celebrating getting a new job in town as they are not too over the top.

Can I order these flowers today and have them delivered?

Yes you can we specialise in same day delivery throughout town however please ensure you get your order in to ask before around about 1:30 p.m. today.

What's the most popular flower product in this category?

It's a question we're off and ask we would have to say that designers choice bunch of flowers for $48 is our most popular product in this category. It's popular not just you to the competitive price but also it's popular for when people aren't quite sure what flowers to choose and would rather leave that decision up to us, the experts.

If you had wanted to share with us about flowers what would it be?

Flowers are thirsty and the sooner they get into water the better,  and the more likelihood that they will survive and give the recipient of the flowers are more Joy. It's advised that upon receiving the flowers that they go straight into a vase with about 5 cm of water covering the bottom of the lowest flower stem. If you need any further advice about how to care for your flowers please contact us and we would be more than happy to share more tips with you.

Our Choice Bunch

Our Choice Bunch


$48.00 Price includes GST

Two Wrapped Lilies

Two Wrapped Lilies


$32.00 Price includes GST

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