Privacy Policy

We like to take this opportunity to have a little a little discussion about your privacy, what it means to you and what it means to us and how we go about securing your privacy.

The first topic we would like to discuss about how we protect your privacy and put out there is that we don't keep your credit cards on file, even if you order it with us over the phone and give us your credit card number we basically put it straight into a system and there is no record of it. Our payment Gateway provider like PayPal protects all that information for you so there's nothing to worry there.

The second and equally important way we protect your privacy is we have embedded a Comodo SSL certificate which protects your data and your credit card information when you are ordering online.

We also pledge to you that we do collect your contact information but we will never never share it with anyone else apart from the staff in our store. The login for our website it's highly secure so no one will ever be able to access your information outside of our employees.

We mentioned earlier that we had an SSL certificate by Comodo this also not only protects your data but protects you throughout the purchasing process which is as important to us as it is to you.

Our website does place cookies on your browser, at least according to our website developers, and this at least in practice is used to assist in providing it better shopping experience. However we really don't have any way of analysing data so you have nothing to worry about.

What's your placement a flower order with us the only time we will ever call you or get in contact with you is to potentially gather more information about the flowers that you have ordered or assisting us in getting the flowers delivered.

We spent a lot of money on protecting our system to provide you with a more secure, more fun and generally just a better way to shop flowers online from the peace of your home or out and about on the road.

If we have missed anything here, there is something you feel you need to add, or you want to simply give us some feedback please call one of our staff to discuss.