Terms & Conditions

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information about our important terms and conditions so that we can both have it much better understanding of where we stand on certain issues when ordering flowers from our website.

Whether you order flowers over the phone or whether you order them on our website you will be charged a courier fee, unfortunately we don't have any choice as the delivery drivers in town are very expensive. Most about deliveries will incur a $12 fee and this usually covers most places about town and even on the outskirts of town. That said then maybe times where you want to send flowers to someone that made it quite far at town and if this is the case we may contact you to have a little chat about an extra delivery fee, the extra fee will never exceed $5.

If by accident you have placed an order with us and entered incorrect information about the delivery address and we are unable to deliver the flowers because of this reason we will return the flowers to the store and will need to charge you an extra delivery fee. You would like to first point out that we would only do this after trying to contact the recipient at the flowers, this is why it's so important you provide us with the correct information about the delivery.

There may be in some instances where you are able to buy alcohol on our website, if this is the case you must be over 18 years of age to do this.

You may find this quite amusing but from time to time people from overseas have ordered flowers to go to the local post office, but not to someone who works there, rather they are being ordered to go to a P O Box. We will not deliver flowers ordered to go to a post office box, if we receive an order like this we will contact you and refund your order.

We have mentioned a little bit about this on our delivery information page but we do not guarantee delivery times. If you would like more information about how flower deliveries please refer to our flower-delivery page in the footer about website.

If you place an order for flowers through our website and for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the flowers you are most welcome to express your concerns to us. To qualify for this you must send us an SMS or email with a minimum of three photographs of the flowers and give us at least two days to assess the situation for you. At this point we will most likely offer to give you a partial refund, we may offer to send some more flowers with a box of chocolates, oh we may offer you a full refund. If we do not receive the pictures at the flowers within a 24 hour time frame we will not be able to do anything about your concerns.If it is agreed that you will receive a refund for your flowers you will receive this within 24 hours of us coming to the agreement.

If there is anything you that you feel like we have not covered on our terms and conditions page please send us an email or give us a quick call and we would be happy to discuss it with you.